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Владимир Кузьмин – Loverguy: аккорды

Well, life is tough I got enough
I wanna have a rest
I'll take you to the sea of love
you'll be my special guest
Nothing you miss just love than
peace soft winds caress your cheek
You need romance so take your chance
the best you ever pick.

                 G     D
   You know I'm not an angel
   G            D            A
   No, no I'm pretty decent guy
                 G     D
   You know I'm not an angel
   G              D                A
   But don't you rush to say good bye.
   I'm tough enough
   I'm starved enough
   I'm in love enough
   To be your loverguy

This world is nuts and life's
so hard the damnest place to be
I wanna take you to
my island of tranquility
Sunshine so bright, nobody fights,
no payments for those bills
I swear you're gonna have some fun,
you'll make the perfect deal


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