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Ва-банкъ – Monument: аккорды

 E                G
Something happened somewhere
  E                  G
What, where or how, no one knows for sure
    E                    G
А stink in the papers, crowds rush there
   E                    G
My orders are to make things more secure

Beyond my window looms a prison
Hey, hooligans and bandits, how are you?
Thanks to you, I've long since lost my reason
I've been a guard my whole life through

I'm used to living from hour to hour
I'm used to missing sleep at night
My loud hoarse voice sure makes them cower
Freeze! Who goes there! I'll shoot on sight!

   Hands up, against the wall,
   Don't move, my gun's on you
   Hands up, against the wall,
   I am the monument of law
   The monument of law...

Why bother thinking when we’ve got the Regs
Shoot first and ask questions later
No need to speak - the terror hits their legs
Man was born to become a traitor

They only live to break the rules
Their only goal is to run and fight
Because I'm here, I have to be cruel
Freeze! Who goes there! I'll shoot on sight!


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