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Ва-банкъ – Attitude: аккорды

Tell me why I should act strange
E                           G
Make these people laugh at me
Why consider making sense
E                         G
Of the changes that must be

I am standing for strict orders
Real purist that I am
Think like others, act like others
All exactly as one man

H G A  E F#m

      A           F#m
      I hate all kinds of freewill
      A             F#m
      I'll make a trick on these freaks
      E                                  G
      I will stop those who're not like me

      I'll make for them their holiday
      I'll give them all a uniform
      А good vacation in the East

   H          G A
   This is my
   H          G A
   This is my
   This is my
   A  E F#m

Tell me why I should be pretending
Playing such a tricky game
For tradition I am standing
Everybody knows my name.

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