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The Beatles – Yes It Is: аккорды

C            F     G7
If you wear red tonight,
  C              F      A#
Remember what I said tonight.
G7   C          Am             F
For red is the colour that my baby wore,
A#                      Am    C
And what is more, it's true, yes it is.

Scarlet were the clothes she wore,
Everybody knows I've sure.
I would remember all the things we planned,
Understand, it's true,
Yes it is, it's true... Yes it is.

Gm         C7           F
I could be happy with you by my side,
Gm            C7           Am
If I could forget her, but it's my pride.
                                 D7  G7
Yes it is, yes it is. Oh, yes it is, yeah.

Please don't wear red tonight.
This is what I said tonight.
For red is the colour that will make me blue,
In spite of you, it's true,
                  E   F                C
Yes it is, it's true yes it is, it's true.

The Beatles – Yes It Is: аккорды |
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