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Наив – Wasted Time: аккорды

A    H       C#m
The cancer grows
          A       H       C#m            A    H
I know because I feel it deep within my bones
            C#m         A
Because at my complacency
    H         C#m
It laught at me

It doesn't have to be
Still I sit here deep in misery
I look for someone to take the blame
Someone to share my shame

   A               C#m
   All the wasted time.
             A           C#m
   Tell me where did it go?
   A               C#m
   All the wasted time.
             A           G# F#
   Tell me where did it go?

When I was young ang life
Was like a song waiting to be sung
And time was always there
Walking by my side

But I am older now
And I feel time running out
The simple things are difficult
It's a strain just to wake up


Just when I thought I was
 C#m                     F#
Winning the game I found out
       G#             C#m
They changed all the rules
H         A
I think that if I could turn back
The hands of time
F#           G#         C#m
I wouldn't play it the same.