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Наив – Militia On Acid: аккорды

Am          C        G D
I'm better red than dead,
            C         D    C   Am
I'm better red, red, red than dead,

I better eat my brain for breakfast,
And make it, do it, make it fast!

I can not live, I can not die,
I'm so confused - I'm forced to lie!

            C       G      D
   Gotta a fucking reason now,
   Gotta fucking reason, gotta fucking reason

      Am             C   D
      Whatcha gonna do when the gang is wearing blue?
      Am             C    D
      Whatcha gonna say when the gangster wears grey?
      Am C D        F      G
      MOA - they're all insane!
      Am C     D
      MOA - militia on acid, militia on acid,
      Militia on acid -
      We are all insane!

I'm not a mouse, I'm not a man,
I'm just an empty beer can.

I can not hear my own farts,
I guess I've lost some brain parts.

Аt first they crucified,
But then they satisfied.

   I'm at a loss - it's suicide!
   Dontcha fucking get it? Dontcha fucking get it?


C           G            Am
They know that I've got Lenins and Hitlers dicks in my arse,
       C                  G
They know that I'm sick, dead or red,
that I need injections and not their sticks,
    C               G                 E
I know their hopes: I'm the man and they've got my dope,
       Am               C
Well, FUFK YOU COP, I know what you want,
I know your men-ta-li-ty!!!


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