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Наив – Fight, Rebel And Riot: аккорды

Dm   A#                        C
Disobedience is a part of the game,
           A                    Dm
Where the rules are always the same,
      Gm          A#             C
Where everybody plays his rigid role.

Where status quo philosophy
Наs tarditional appeal
And popularity.

    F      C         Dm
   Fight, rebel and riot,
           A#               C
   Cause you are not that quiet
        Dm               A#
   Аs you were meant to be.
    F      C      Dm
   Fight, fight, fight.
   And stand up for your right,
       Dm            C
   To riot on your knees.

I can give you a clue -
Never trust the ones who
Саn give you a clue

What they teach is what you get
And this way is not correct.
So you better withstand.


Наив – Fight, Rebel And Riot: аккорды - На Гитаре AmDm..