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Наив – Drug Song: аккорды

Now every morning at 7 o'clock,
I get out of my bed and I step on the rock.
And the chinese boss comes and says: "Keep still!
Roll up your sleeve and give me that drill".
Now you shoot up junk and what do you get!
Another day older and deeper in debt!

   F         C    D7
   No one got no fun!
   F           C          D7
   Under this sun got no fun!

I was born one morning when the sun didn't shine,
I picked up my syringe and I walked to the line.
If you see me comin' - better step aside,
А lotta men didn't - a lotta men died!


It's a mighty hard road that my hands have hoed,
My poor brain has traveled one polished barbiturate road,
But I've been through this a hundred times before:
Could someone tell me what I'm doing this for?
Could someone tell me what I'm doing this for?


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