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Наив – Dehumanized: аккорды

      G                        G#
"The Declaration of the Human Rights!" -
G                     G#
I am sure that never die.
G          G#
"СNN and UNO" -
G                     G#
I feel that I'm not alone.

         C                             D#
   But what can I do about being frustrated,
    C                                  D#
   Being depersonalized and predeterminated,
        D                      F
   When alienation is common place,
           D                                      F   G C G C G C
   And I stare at the mirror and I can't see the face!
   C#                     G    C G C G C
   I feel that I'm dehumanized!
    C#                      G     G# G G#
   Welcome aboard! - Dehumanized!

Illusion that I've got ideas of my own,
The right of the majority and LSD control,
Market system and good wages,
Scare me we're living in the Dark Ages!


  G      G#     F#            G
Tried, tried, tried not be dehumanized...

  G                 G#            F#             G
Should I admit or should I try? Try not to be dehumanized!..

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