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Наив – Cowboy Song: аккорды

Peasant farmers in blue jeans,
Picking Big Macs by the phone,
Lazy cowgirls on the beach,
Drinking Pepsi with a moan!

Watching tits on MTV,
Milk and honey! Russia's free!
No more party! Party now!
Moms are happy - commies flee!

   F         G    C            Am
   Marlboro lights is what we need!
    F              G             C
   We don't care about our bare feet!
   F      G            C              Am
   Gonna bop till our cows come back home,
    F             G              Am
   Gonna bop till our cows come home!
              G          Am    G
   Come back home, Come home, Home!

Making fur coats out of cats,
Land of white trash - with no blacks.
Comrades wallow in the mud,
Still have to learn a lot.

Еmpty fridge is drying out,
Morning supper's alcohol.
Do I have to twist and shout?
Rock'n'roll my asshole!


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