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Моральный кодекс – Why Do Tears Flow: аккорды

E       C#m            D
Turn inside and look around
         E                 C#m
Flip the upside down and front,
Type the darkness down
E             C#m              D
And there's a world without a hole
            E            C#m
Sight that feeling all alone,
Being away from home
         F#       A               H
Why the tears flow you're never know

                C+7       Hm7
   Trying to go on and go on
                     C+7       Hm7
   Looking for some reasons beyond
                   C+7        D
   What I know is lost ever know
   All I know is you
                   C+7        Hm7
   Trying to make sence over tall
                  C+7      Hm7
   It could be so easy to fall
                C+7               D
   Gathering afraid, who's being talk
                      A H
   I'm in love with you

Every time it try to hide
Does you mind inside can lie
Has a constance life
And there's a life to call your own
Try to feeding all above
Doing what you told
Why the tears flow I'll never know


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