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Крематорий – Night, аккорды

I'm waking night, my dreams are true,
My dreams are real true.
I lost in time, my fair tale,
So what I gonna do...

   C H               Em
   I, I wake in the night...
   C H             Em
   I, wake in the night...

Tomorrow day will be the same,
You'll kiss the fairest kiss.
You let me call, I'll said it, hi,
That's all, I'll ever be.

   I, coming in the night...
   I, let be the night...

      G            A
      Easy going friends,
              C             G
      Don't slower, don't cry.
      A                C
      And she want to be
           H                 Em
      So along in the coming...

This time I sleep inside my bad,
I ask, what's wrong with me.
I lost in time my fair tale,
So what is gonna be.

   So, I living in the night...
   I, living in the night...

      Easy people say
      Don't leave, don't try.
      Wish the long be
      So along in the coming night.

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