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Elvis Presley – Kentucky Rain, аккорды

 C              G7           C        F 
Seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago 
   C                 F                  C  
I reached out one night and you were gone 
 F                      G7            C               Am  
Don't know why you'd run what you're running to or from 
 D7                                 G7  
All I know is I want to bring you home 
        C                G7      C            F  
So I'm walking in the rain  thumbing for a ride 
         C           F       C  
On this lonely Kentucky back-road 
      F                    G7     C            Am  
I've loved you much too long my love's too strong 
    D7                                   G7  
To let you go never knowing what went wrong 
 D7                            C  
Kentucky rain keeps pouring down 
 Em                       Am          F              C  
And up ahead’s another town that I'll go walking through 
 F          C            Em      Am       F  
With the rain in my shoes searching for you 
 G7                     C      F        G7        C  
In the cold Kentucky rain in the cold Kentucky rain 
                  G7              C              F  
Showed your photograph to some old gray bearded men 
         C               F                C  
Sitting on a bench outside a general store 
           F                G7               C           Am  
They said yes she's been here but their memory wasn't clear 
        D7                            G7  
Was it yesterday no wait the day before 
 C               G7            C               F  
Finally got a ride with a preacher man who asked 
           C                           F    C  
Where you bound on such a cold dark afternoon 
       F                      G7           C            Am  
As we drove on through the rain as he listened I explained 
        D7                                 G7  
And he left me with a prayer that I'd find you 
repeat #3

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