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Бумбокс – Eva: аккорды

 F          E7                Am     Fmaj7
You change your make up nearly  four times a day,
Fmaj7       E7               Am
Learning old  Frank Sinatra's «My way», «My way».
F         E7                     Am             Fmaj7
House is clean and grass is green, I've got my freedom, freedom...
Fmaj7       E7               Am
Like a fool I'm standing here  staring at your window.

        F/C         Dm/H                    E7
        Sing in rain    sing in joy and in pain
        Bring me that sunshine.
     F/C             Dm/H
        Like a fool, like a guy from high school
      E7             Am7
        Fell in love with you, joy of mine
     F/C            Dm/H         E7               Am
        And whatever    ever ever happens to the weather right now
     F/C          Dm/H                           E7
        Baby girl one thing I know for sure and more
                     Am7                Fmaj7 E7 Am Fmaj7 Fmaj7 E7
        We've got to be simply got to be...
        Simply got to be....

Oh, I wish I could have just something to say,
But I don't now this Shakespeare's language of UK, of UK.
Ukraine is far just like you are and I see clearly right now
The only chance to be a star so you could hear me.

Припев - 3 раза

Pardon me for the rhymes like ever - together...
I didn't mean it...

Бумбокс – Eva: аккорды - На Гитаре AmDm..