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Brainstorm – Colder: аккорды

Hm                          Em                      F#m
Come, oh, come early i'm afraid of getting colder, colder
Hm                         Em            F#m          Em D A
Keep the night burning to shine our love always, always

Pictures on the wall her pictures on my wall
She's so beautiful, so beautiful
Climbing up to fall i'm climbing up to fall
I'm still staying cool, i'm staying cool
Hm                              G
One day i'll find you just to prove that i'm real
        A                 D
Out of love and hate, of love and hate
Hm                           G
And losing ties with common sense, baby, i know
        A                 F#
I will make a bridge to place where my mind goes


Thousands of the walls 8 billions of the walls
She's so beautiful, so beautiful
Digi-dogs around her digi-dogs around
I'm still staying cool, well, i'm staying cool
I'm losing all i have and all i ever will
Out of love and hate, of love and hate
I'm losing daydreams and a good night sleep
Oh, baby, our passions are hiding deep


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