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Brainstorm – Billions Of Stars: аккорды

 D                             Hm
Billions of stars are falling down
without touching the ground
G                  D
We shine thru the night

And when you fade away with a smile
my existence is not worth while
alone in the sky

F#m            Hm                              G
Just a little more, and I'll know beyond the known
F#m            Hm                A
Just a little more, no, no, let me go

One morning we'll find out - this is ours,
spring and late winter hours
and high windy sky
The end of the world will arrive silently,
will lull us to sleep, will set us free
together we'll die


We've got to learn, how to stay awake
and tell the real from the fake
and to be wrong
We have to sing, when we've got no voice
We'll play with dusty toys
and merge in the void

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