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Аквариум – The Time: аккорды

H             F#
Sitting in a corner
G#m    D#m            E
In my castle made of single-malt and smoke
With all my friends around me
And I love them "till I choke
And I watch you dance with someone
Someone not even there
And you're simple as in sacrilege
And you are pure as in player

Somewhere there's a point of no resistance
But we make sure there's no getting there
And we're beautiful when we're animals
But so easily scared
And I cannot even talk to you
Stricken down as a hunter to its prey
Sliding down, down this hill of glass again
And there's nothing I can say

H   F#                 G#m E F#
I guess it's just the time
H   F#                 G#m E F#
I guess it's just the time
H   F#                 D#m
I guess it's just the time
E                            F#
And I will see you when the time is over

Hm            E
And then the northern wind calls
Hm        E
And then curtains part
Hm            E
And then the castle wall falls
D              F#           E
And there's an arrow in my heart

There's only one way out of prison
Which is to set your jailer free
But then, it's just another bunch of pretty words
That stand between the sailor and the sea
So forgive me, though I know you never will
Battered by your pride
And so I'm locked again within these castle walls
And you freeze alone outside


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