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It is very useful to listen to the sounds of water after a hard, busy day or after a certain stress, in order to relax and get an emotional discharge. Water is known to have a calming effect. You can stand in the shower, splashing out your energy, bring the pulse back to normal and calm down, or you can achieve the same effect by listening to the sounds of water. The sound from a small fountain to a mountain waterfall, raging, passionate and large-scale. But despite the gigantic scale, when you listen to sounds you achieve peace, tranquility and serenity. It is useful to listen to the sounds of water, both for adults and children. It's nice to take a break at work and turn on the background in order to put your thoughts in order. Turn on the sound of water for the baby before going to bed to tune in to the baby’s calm and comfortable sleep. While resting, you can even fall asleep to the sound of water, completely relaxing. And a breakdown and weakness at the end of the year can charge you, and you will feel a surge of strength just by listening to the sounds of water. This is a powerful and quite strong in terms of quality energy, which is endowed with water. The power of water is what you need to know when choosing the sounds of water to listen to. A tremendous surge of energy after listening to you is provided. During this time, it is possible to think about the upcoming vacation, where you will relax on the banks of a river, lake or sea. About your excursion to the highest waterfall, pleasant sounds will not allow anything to distract you from your thoughts. On the contrary, your dreams will be prolonged, in which even for a while you seem to yourself rested and awake. No wonder the massage elephants in the corridor are small fountains with water, which with their pleasant murmur knowingly pre-sets the client for massage and act soothingly.