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Sounds of the sea

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Sound of the sea

Sound of the surf

The sound of waves and the sounds of gulls

When I see the sea, I will immediately run into his arms, and I will swim in it all day. And while I'm not at sea, I listen to the sounds of the sea, which mentally send me to where it is warm, where the sun shines all day, picturesque landscapes, where only you and the sea. It is only at first glance cold and indifferent, but when you come closer, it is so responsive, cool, but fascinates with its breadth and depth.

Sounds of the sea listen

Often, pausing at work, you turn on the sounds of the sea and are on the eve of your vacation, forget about all the problems and mentally bask in the sun, lie on the soft sand and smear with sunblock. Remember that you forgot to update sunglasses for your trip. And all this to the sound of the sea. After the holidays, sadness is especially overpowering and I want to return to this heavenly place again and again, but I have to wait another year. Then a record with the sounds of the sea comes to the rescue, which brings you back to where you felt so good and calm.

Surprisingly, even without ever seeing the sea, enjoying the sounds of how the noise of the sea it may seem for a moment that you have been there. And you will again want to go to this beautiful resort. Not having been there, but listening, you can fall in love with the sea right now and you will never stop loving it more in your life. After all, the sea is so exciting, so touching for the living, that it is impossible to listen to the sound of the sea indifferently, on the run. Surely you will stop, put all things aside and you will contemplate, imagine, visualize your trip to the sea, so long-awaited.

Music sounds of the sea

Have you ever asked your relatives or friends the question: what does the sea mean to them? Ask for purposes of what is called scientific interest. We are convinced that their answers will turn out to be different, and at the same time equally positive. Indeed, one will answer that the sea is a spiritual uplift and inspiration; the other is that omnipotence and peace; and the third, first of all, will characterize the sea as an annual vacation and serene July days. Of course, there will certainly be those who say that the sea is just a huge puddle of water containing a large amount of salt; or, as one famous sea wolf used to say: "The sea is a ten-month voyage." However, we are convinced that we are deep in ourselves and these people probably hide special feelings for the sea.

So what if the vacation is over, the sea is in thousands of kilometers, and why rejoice - is it November? But how can one wait to get back there, lie on the shore, hear the sounds of the sea, the cries of gulls, the crash of waves breaking on the rocks? The solution, however, exists! Incidentally, it is connected with the characteristic features of our information worldview. As you know, about 85% of the data we receive through the eyes is the visual way of perceiving data, about 9% through the auditory organs and only 1% through the senses. The solution we offer is the sound of the sea online!

Sea sounds online

Well, now, in fact, it remains only to launch the sounds of the sea! You can lie down, cover your eyes (turning off, thus, about 85% of the information perception of the world), and you are again at sea! It's no secret that such listening has a beneficial effect on well-being and future sleep, as well as calms and relaxes. By the way, to the sounds of the sea, you can perform massage and meditation procedures, including sleeping!